Early spring, plein air painting 

 Another my plein air painting. This time I went out of town. Early spring, the leaves in the trees will soon begin to appear. Last year's grass, which has a dim color in itself, becomes bright when the sun shines on it.A beautiful place, I will have to come here again. 

Size - 40x50 cm, oil on canvas.

 Plein air in the city.

 Today I worked in the old part of the city. The day was pretty sunny and warm. Here and there you can still see the remains of snow. In these old yards, time seemed to stop. Here, you might think that you were in an old movie, in the 50's. Only modern cars return you in our time.

Plein air painting. sunny day in Zaslavl.  

 Plein air painting on one of the beautiful sunny days in Zaslavl. Spring, March. The earth still hides under the snow, but the warmth of the sun's rays is already felt. A small town, in many ways looks like a village. In this town there are two beautiful churches, Orthodox and Catholic. You can see on photo the towers of these churches in the distance. In my painting I put only one of them.Yes, it's spring, but still a winter palette. The sky was bright color, of course this is not visible in the photo. I tried to show it in my painting.

 In the silence of old streets

 Sometimes there are such old towns, such streets and moods. When suddenly you stop, look around, and do not understand, you're in a dream or in reality. Time seemed to be frozen. It's hard to explain, some vague feeling. As if now, behind this corner of the street, or inside that window where the lights are on, you will see something important ... You stand still for a while, and then you go ahead. After all, you went somewhere before that. So is it a dream or a reality?

 Painting "In the silence of old streets"oil on panel, 40x40 cm (sold)